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YourPlaceYourSpace Volunteering
19 Jul 2017 - YourPlaceYourSpace
News & Updates

Helping the BBC's DIYSOS team in West Bromwich

 Now this is what "CommunityWeAre" is about! Sandwell Council staff helping out and volunteering with BBC's DIYSOS team transforming a home & lives of a family in West Bromwhich

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YourPlaceYourSpace Volunteering
20 Mar 2017 - YourPlaceYourSpace
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Do you have experience of volunteering? If so, please share your views with us by taking our Tea-break survey.

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Volunteers are so vital in so many different ways.  But what inspires people to volunteer?  Why do they give up their time to do what they do?  If you're one of those people, we'd love to hear from you.

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